The dream of every customers and shop: new TechlaXL.
More interesting, more useful, more innovative. This is the brand new MyFamily TechlaXL, the engraving machine that allows everybody - directly in the store - to customize MyFamily tags just bought.
TechlaXL's great innovation is its unique technology in the world that, thanks to its two diamond tips, allows to simultaneously engrave an ID tag. Thanks to the new up-grades it's possible to type in every language: an innovation that will please all the international Customers.
It is also possibile to type the customer's engraving from the smartphone: the customer can easily send his engraving from his phone to TechlaXL that can make the engrave with a remote connection.
With the new up-grades, we have added the "Script" italic font and soon it will be implemented the free handwriting function. Great news for shopkeepers who will be able to customize MyFamily medals with their own logo.
Furthermore, the exclusive software of avant-garde will permit you to download directly from the Techla a constant history with all the details of the ID tags engraved and bought from your Customers.
There is a lot of innovations also for the retailers With the TechlaXL system they can personalize the tags with their brand engraving.
Our technology is constantly renewing in order to make the customization in store more exciting!